No matter where you travel in our Universe, the laws of physics remain the same.


CREATING THE COSMOS is a film made for giant screen institutions and IMAX® theaters intended to inspire & amaze by engaging the audience with real world science.




The science of how a soap bubble forms, expands, and then pops...


Is quite similar to the cosmic reactions that happen in the vastness of space.


CREATING THE COSMOS will show direct links in physics between the everyday and the expansively huge.

I’m a big believer in visual science, especially when trying to engage & empower kids.


I’ve taught special effects & documentary summer camps for the past 10 years, and during that time I've acquired a good understanding of what kind of content kids consume and what draws their interest.


Kids don't get enough credit for their ability to latch onto a subject without any bias.


We just need to engage them with the right content.

If you can captivate them with enticing visuals of real science at work...


You will have a "learner for life."





We’re developing “Soap Bubble Science” labs for field trips, classrooms, & science based institutions to take part in.


Viewers will be able to perform the same kinds of experiments featured in the film.


The core ingredients consist of soap, milk, and food coloring which are easy to obtain, non-toxic, and inexpensive.

The end goal for this film is to have people coming out of the theater and

realize the Cosmos isn’t some far-­off place that’s beyond reach.


It's something close and personal.

And it's happening right before our very eyes.