Our story takes place in what looks like an ordinary kitchen, but when no-one is around... the kitchen comes to life.


The magic of stop-motion animation brings to life the ingredients  needed to "create the cosmos."


Salt, Pepper, Milk, Food Coloring, and Dish Soap are your guides !!!


These once inanimate objects are here to show the audience how close the Cosmos is to all of us.


Watch them bounce across the kitchen getting all the materials in place to perform these magical experiments.


Finishing just before the family returns home to find these experiments waiting, in need of  scientists young and old alike !!!


The real magic will be how inspired and empowered these scientists will feel after they have performed these "kitchen cosmos" experiments.


We've already made a kitchen come to life before.  Watch our stop-motion film WIGGLE ROOM from 2012 which won multiple film festivals for "best animated short."


Was 1 of 57 animated shorts up for consideration for an Oscar nomination for "best animated short" in 2012.